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La Joya Story

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Caribbean cuisine, different from the rest of the country's food, is an experience unto itself. In Manzanillo you will dine on a variety of ocean fresh fish, e.g., red snapper “entero”.   Of course, the main course will be accompanied by arroz y frijoles (the unique rice -n- beans, cooked in coconut milk), patacones (fried green bananas), and the Tico tomato and cabbage salad, not to mention a cool Cuba Libra.

But most importantly, the friendliness of the locals will shine through as brightly as the Caribbean sun.   The by-word is “Tranquilo”.

Tico (Costa Rican) hospitality is becoming famous the world over. A day in Manzanillo will make it obvious as to why.

To the north of our hilltop hideaway lies the bustling port town of Puerto Viejo. Walking along the jungle path will provide guests an opportunity to watch the finest surfers in the world perform their magical water ballets on some of the tallest waves in the country. Surfers call this famous right tubular wave the "Salsa Brava", and is the name of Puerta Viejo's favorite surfing site.

Dugout Canoes line Puerto Viejo's sea front and are available for day fishing trips.


Puerto Viejo boasts several first class restaurants offering guests fine Italian, French and local cuisine. For those who like the night life, you can dance the night away at Johnnies Place, listening to some of the best live and recorded authentic Caribbean music in all of Costa Rica.

Guests interested in more adventurous things will be pleased with La Joya's close proximity to a variety of ecological, adventure, and other outdoor activities. 

Numerous tours, such as horse back riding, snorkeling and scuba trips,kayak rentals,and jungle treks - to name but a few - are all close by.


We also offer our very own "bush whacking" jungle tour led by a qualified guide.   La Joya staff will be pleased to take you on a visit to Puerto Viejo where you can learn where to make any and all tour arrangements.

Then, as if all this were not enough, there is our lodge itself. Greeting you at the entrance, you will follow our walkway to the three story house. It is surrounded by 10 acres of both lush and wild forest, beautifully maintained tropical gardens and plenty of open sky to marvel at.

In the gardens guests will wander amid fruit trees, brilliant flowers and an herb garden. All of La Joya's home cooked meals are seasoned with herbs picked fresh daily from the garden. In addition, many guests have availed themselves of the garden to use herbs for medicinal and healing purposes. La Joya's gardener is always eager to guide guests through this tropical treasure. It is not only an aesthetically pleasing tour, it is very educational as well.


The house has a third floor loft with a full sized bed.  Two large gabled windows allow guests to observe a multitude of birds, including toucans, parrots, hawks and hummingbirds; the grounds may even be visited by sloths, howler monkeys, porcupines, anteaters, and a host of other ground and tree dwelling animals.

The Gazebo is another option for sleeping and enjoying a truly restful and enchanting night.  Guests use the Gazebo for meditating or lounging as well.  With its 360 degree view of the grounds, it is a very special place.

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